November 21, 2019 - "Location, Location, Location" - by Kristina Lustig

Puzzle Notes

Dear friends,
Let's see, where were we? 
Oh yes! We were looking everywhere for that debut puzzle by new-to-the-scene puzzle-maker Kristina Lustig... Ah! Found it! It was right here all along, in the last place we looked. "Location, Location, Location" is a lightly challenging diversion that may be a step or two up from easy breezy. We invite you to sharpen your pencil, brew your favorite hot beverage, and get into (solving) position. 
Kristina's been doing crosswords since she was a kid, but only started constructing them this year. She lives in Pittsburgh and spends her free time making/playing video games, watching horror movies, and picking up new hobbies on a regular basis. She's grateful to her #crossword-club colleagues at Stack Overflow for playtesting her puzzles, and to Inkubator for the extensive editorial assistance. Find Kristina on Twitter at @kristinalustig.
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Next up, on December 5, we feature the work of the delightful and creative Amanda Rafkin 
Happy solving!
Laura and Tracy