February 28, 2019 - "Themeless #1" - by Robyn Weintraub

Puzzle Notes

Friends of the Inkubator, 
Please welcome our first themeless, from veteran constructor Robyn Weintraub. 
Robyn has been constructing crosswords for almost a decade. She's had 20 puzzles published in the New York Times, plus another dozen or so in other newspapers and magazines. For the past two years she's been active in local politics, working as a legislative aide and campaign manager in Westchester County, New York. Robyn is happy to help aspiring constructors and can be found on Twitter at @Robynw414.
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Our next puzzle, by Tracy Gray, will be published on March 14. And look out for a bonus cryptic crossword from Stephanie Cerra coming your way soon!
Happy solving!
Laura and Tracy