July 11th, 2018 - "The Maze Ruiner"

Difficulty ● ● ● ● ●

Puzzle Notes

Dear Friends:

There are two puzzles this week. The regular weekly puzzle, by Francis Heaney and rated 5/5 difficulty, is called "The Maze Ruiner." It's a specialty puzzle and a meta, for which the instructions are in the attached PDF. Send the meta solution to editor@avxwords.com by the end of Sunday, July 15, for a chance to win a prize.

[Should you wish to solve "The Maze Ruiner" in digital form, a .jpz is included, but it may not work in all apps; it will work in Nexus JPZ Solver and Crossword Solver. You can also solve the puzzle using Puzzazz for iOS. Please note that there is NO ACROSS LITE FILE available for this puzzle, as that format cannot support it. Regardless, we suggest solving on a larger screen if possible.]

And as recently promised, this PDF/.jpz-only puzzle is accompanied by an additional, Across Lite-friendly offering for those who prefer or require it. Our second puzzle of the week is a Caleb Madison themeless that's on the easy side as themelesses go. This one's a bonus, and available in all formats.

Lastly, we gave the wrong URL last week for the upcoming Boswords tournament, which the AVCX is sponsoring. The correct URL is https://www.boswords.org/


Ben and the AVCX crew

avxwords.com // @avcxword