November 7, 2023 - "Element of Surprise" - Kelly Nguyen Dickson, edited by Olivia Mitra Framke

Difficulty ● ● ○ ○ ○

Puzzle Notes

Dear friends:

Today we're bringing you a zippy 10x11 puzzle by Kelly Nguyen Dickson titled "Element of Surprise." We're also bringing you this extremely important advice: don't trust atoms. They make up *everything.*

Headed to your inbox next week: puzzles by editor Rose and roster member Darby!

Meanwhile, we have a very exciting announcement to share with you here for the first time. We have teamed up with Puzzmo, a new platform for thoughtful puzzles with which the AV is now launching a brand new daily midi crossword.

Puzzmo is currently in early access. AV subscribers can solve the new puzzle by being one of the first to complete a "puzzle of the day" at Today, we are announcing the keydrop for this puzzle, and you have special access to it. You can complete it at There are only 1,000 spots available, so get to it quick -- you're learning about it here before the rest of the internet.
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