May 19, 2023 - "How Topical!" (themeless) - Ada Nicolle, edited by Kim Vu

Difficulty ● ● ● ● ○

Puzzle Notes

Dear Friends:

Today's AVCX+ is a 68-word themeless by Ada Nicolle, titled "How Topical!" We think you'll find it mediumishly challenging and peppered with delights.

Ada Nicolle (she/her) (@luckyxwords) is a crossword constructor based in Toronto, Canada. Ada publishes independent crossword puzzles under the name Luckystreak Xwords, and regularly contributes to the USA Today and Believer Magazine. When she's not puzzling, Ada can be found performing comedy in Toronto (the funny kind), or hanging out with a friendly cat (the furry kind). The cat's name is Pumpkin.

Later days,

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