AVCX Cryptic 7/28/22 - by Ori Brian, edited by Claire Muscat & Francis Heaney

Difficulty ● ● ● ● ◐

Puzzle Notes

Hello cryptic lovers! Today we have a wickedly good puzzle for you- it's on the harder side, but rest assured that you'll have a devilishly good time solving it. A little about our fabulous constructor:

Ori is a product manager currently based in Los Angeles but will be relocating to London in a couple of months. He has published American-style puzzles in the New York Times, and this is his second published cryptic. He would like to thank Nate Cardin for helping him begin to set cryptic crosswords and the AVCX Cryptic team for their wonderful support and editing.

As always, if you're newer to cryptics, check out our handy solving guide as well as #crypticclueaday on Twitter for some daily cryptic practice.


Claire & the AVCX Cryptic crew

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