AVCX Cryptic 4/28/22 - by John Halpern, edited by Claire Muscat & Francis Heaney

Difficulty ● ● ● ● ○

Puzzle Notes

Hello lovely subscribers! This week we have our first puzzle by a British setter, the acclaimed John Halpern! A little bit about John:

John Halpern is the UK's top cryptic crossword setter, published across the Times, Guardian, FT, Telegraph, and Independent more than any other setter. He is committed to fostering community for wordplay fans and gives regular Zoom calls. If you'd like to 'meet' John and see how things are done in the UK, subscribe here, and you will be able to join him, as and when suits. Among various TV and radio appearances, John has appeared on BBC Breakfast TV and Global News, and given a TEdxTalk at the Royal Albert Hall, London, on the power of Wordplay.

Happy solving!

Claire & the AVCX Cryptic crew

--- Tune about Ol' Cheerio (2,4)