April 13, 2022 - "Boxing Matches" - Paolo Pasco, edited by Ben Tausig

Difficulty ● ● ● ● ◐

Puzzle Notes

Dear friends,

Paolo Pasco's "Boxing Matches" is 4.5/5. This is a variety puzzle; please note that there is NO digital version available, just a PDF to print. It's worth it! It's also a contest. Here are your instructions:

In this puzzle, you play a boxer. Enter words either in Rows (clued in order per row) or Boxes (grouped by length but otherwise in random order, entered as rectangular boxes reading left-to-right and top-to-bottom). Some letters will not appear in any box. BUT things aren't entirely on the up-and-up'you're being asked to fix some matches. When read in order, the unboxed letters will give you a hint about what kind of matches we're talking about here. Use the hint to locate the places you'll need to rig to engineer a win, and you'll find (reading in order from the 'Boxes' clues), what you might say to yourself after winning ... or how you might describe your process of demonstrating your victories? Send the meta solution to boxer@avxwords.com by midnight on Sunday, April 17, for a chance to win a prize.

Ben and the expanded AVCX crew
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