March 19, 2022 - "Trivia Puzzle #4" - Deb Koker, edited by Aimee Lucido

Difficulty ● ● ◐ ○ ○

Puzzle Notes

Dear Friends:

Welcome back! We hope you had a restful week off and had plenty of time to think about our super-sized puzzle from two weeks ago. Congratulations to Seth Moko on being last week's randomly selected All Questions Correct Answer Getter (trademark pending)! Check out the @avcxtrivia Twitter some time this weekend to see a little tribute to the winner over there!

This week we're back to our regular-sized programming, with a 4/5 difficulty puzzle from Deb Koker. We hope you enjoy! We're going to answer a few questions people have been asking us below, but if you feel like you have a good grasp on how this competition is working, feel free to skip straight to the questions:

A lot of people had questions about how to find solutions to the puzzles we're sharing with you, so we wanted to restate it here. There are two places to find solutions: in the attached pdfs and on the Google form. If you prefer to see your solutions in pdf form, you can find them at the bottom of this email. Last week we had the solutions in the same pdf as the questions, but this week there are two pdfs: one with just the questions and one with questions, then a blank page, then the answers. If you're still looking for the solutions to the previous two puzzles (Puzzle #2 by Michael Lieberman and Puzzle #3 by Adam Wagner) they can be found at the bottom of the pdfs attached to the previous email.

The other place you can find solutions is on the Google form. After you've submitted your solutions you can click the "View Accuracy" button and it should take you to a page that lets you compare your answers to the official answers. If any of this is confusing you can email and we can try to explain further.

Thank you for bearing with us as we iron out all these kinks! And remember, if you like these puzzles and and think you can make some of your own, email your idea to We look forward to hearing from you! Tune in on Monday for the next Lil AVC X puzzle!

Happy trivia-ing,

Aimee & the expanded AVCX crew | @avcxword | @lilavcx | @avcxplus | @avcxtrivia