ACROSS&DOWNjH+D1.3 xport.THINKTWICE.OPALR.P.I.R.I...O.AICANSEE.GOTHELPM.N.S.C.A.R.H.TBEERMAKER.IGLOOA.M.E.A...P.E.PCOATI.GROWLERS.K...M.E.P.E...A.SPLITSUP.TWAINC.O.R...O.H.R.TALIBI.NOSERVICER.N.S.A.I.E.E.LDITCHED.THATTOOI.E...A.E.T.T.POURS.CLOSESHAVE----------.-----.-.-.-.-...-.--------.--------.-.-.-.-.-.-.----------.------.-.-.-...-.-.------.--------.-...-.-.-.-...-.--------.------.-.-...-.-.-.------.----------.-.-.-.-.-.-.--------.--------.-...-.-.-.-.-----.----------AVCX Cryptic 12-8-21 - Brendan Emmett Quigley, edited by Francis Heaney, Claire Muscat & Stella ZawistowskiBrendan Emmett QuigleyReconsider swapping fourth pieces of thick twine (5,5)Trick to get a business degree: reduce unnecessary frills (4,4)I pass a mean drunk to get to beach of song (7)Kris shimmies, I dance to something heard in mid-March (4,2,2,5)Remains of crew adrift 1000 years (9)Cuban's tragic retrospective: "Lost Time" (5)Gem held by Episcopalian (4)Gondolier called for comedian Amy (7)Mary Jane and friend returned computer (6)Evidently Sean loosens up, breaking ice (1,3,3)Sought advice from Republicans taking the L (3,4)Versatile performers juggling their platters (6,7)Someone offering a pint, say, of limitless germs in lab vessel (9)Cooler taken back from schoolgirl (5)I will be going after a fur ... something raccoonlike (5)Farmers brought around head of lettuce for angry dogs (8)For instance, positive and negative isotopes smashed with a bit of power (9)Four-legged creature and six-legged creature run off together (8)It's seen in retro dime novels depicting divorces (6,2)Dynamic protein indicator (7)Mark Elmer's railroad (5)Fleischer and James's operatic piece (7)Comedian with one old workout routine (6)Criminal's defense is tabloid bait, oddly ignored (5)Bad habit, to follow bill with resistance in low bars? (2,7)Raised boy with a name: Rafael (5)Democrat was eager to be dumped (7)Husband's initial written in ink? Yes, it's also included (4,3)Performs a series of concerts topless for you and me (4)Loses Bit O' Honey in bear's home -- that could've been disastrous (5,5)