Congratulations, you have solved the puzzle!November 29, 2021 - "I Guess This Is Goodbye" - Francis Heaney, edited by Lorinne LampertFrancis Heaney108ef57e-dc3b-412e-b064-d2a493fa26bde690b5f07b5c601631152ad0f35401f72021-11-30-10crosswordAcrossRoast beef au ___"Leave this instant!""So clever but ever so sad / Love, she said, was a ___" ("Follies" lyric)Skillful, sardonicallyCasino client"And ___, like vinyl, on the streets / Cold as silver, white as sheets" ("Evening Primrose" lyric)Compass direction or language suffix"Hannibal" detective PazziOrg. that presented 3-Down with a medal in 1996Fried dough treats at Little Italy street fairsIdiomatically comparable to a bat, seeing-wiseNickname that drops -doreOrange stuff on old metal"Birds in the sky / Birds in the ___ / In the leaves" ("Into the Woods" lyric)Historically important period of time"So you'll sit in the sun / You'll come back with a ___" ("Merrily We Roll Along" lyric)Peruvian singer Sumac"In time, mais oui, we ___" ("Anyone Can Whistle" lyric)Hoppy kind of beer"How delectable! / ___ undetectable!" ("Sweeney Todd" lyric)"Company" character who sings "Being Alive"Having length but not width or depthSweater materialWord before a changed nameFarming-related prefix before biology or industrial1% of a cool mil"Please don't cough / It ___ to throw the actors off" ("The Frogs" lyric)Hwys.Touches lightly, as with the tip of a paintbrushLittle snack"Sorta" suffix"Do not let it grieve you / No one leaves ___" ("Into the Woods" lyric)Record label in the middle of a remix?"I feel you, Johanna / And one day I'll ___ you" ("Sweeney Todd" lyric)"They ___ the rice and then / The day begins again" ("Pacific Overtures" lyric)System of moral valuesGerman camera companyBoxer who changed his name from ClayDisney character with a restaurant in New Orleans"___ Otter's Jug-Band Christmas" (1977 Muppet holiday special)Russian agreementsBegin to become apparentDown"___, lady! / Give the guy some room! / The bumper cars are that way / Please, lady! / Don't forget that guns can go boom" ("Assassins" lyric)"Gee, Officer Krupke, we're very ___" ("West Side Story" lyric)This puzzle's dedicatee (1930–2021)Apt name for someone who measures 8 or 9 on the Beaufort scalePrefix with present or potentCharlotte Hornets' org.Clay pot used in Spanish cuisineWhat Amy does at the end of "Getting Married Today," despite a lot of protestingActivity done by coloring in areas of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet, and white (in "Sunday in the Park With George," or in this puzzle grid)Without ___ to one's name (penniless)"A trickle of sweat / The back of the head / He always does this / Now the foot is ___" ("Sunday in the Park With George" lyric)Like Squeaky Fromme's psychedelic beads in "Assassins," according to Sara Jane MooreCocktail named after a Scottish folk heroDisturber of a princess's sleepJean-___ Godard (film director born the same year as 3-Down)Building with a diplomatic staff: Abbr.Tributary of the Rhône that has a circumflex as wellImplant"Danced in my scanties / Three bucks a night was the ___ / But I'm here" ("Follies" lyric)Ideated, Tweety-style___ veraFather, in FranceHubbubsGymnast Korbut"Follies" character who sings "The Road You Didn't Take"Pair in a skiffGeneral on Chinese takeout menus___-cone (frozen treat)A sharp alternativePlaywright CliffordCastaway's placeThorny part of a rose"I ___ to live / In other people's lives" ("Passion" lyric)Big celebrationName on many elevators and escalatorsFun-size"Lovely is the one thing ___ do" ("A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum" lyric)"I may trump your ___" "Please do! / I may clutter up the place" "Me, too!" ("Follies" lyric)"Got my striped ___ / Got my hopes high" ("Gypsy" lyric)