NACROSS&DOWNKWyfS1.2cE |N |JICBM.UNIT.MCRIBARIA.NOLA.RHINOMALL.IBEX.SANKABIGIFCURIOUS....GENRE...PLEASE...GIFTEDTURNERTHREE.ONUS..WARHEIRS.KIN.SCALEADS..SEAS.POREDTGIFJUNCTION...SENIOR...NOSIR....GIFFORDFOCUSLOGAN.OBOE.LAMPSHIRE.LIMB.ELBADOFOR.KEPT.SLAM----.----.---------.----.---------.----.-----------------....-----...------...-----------------.----..--------.---.--------..----.-----------------...------...-----....-----------------.----.---------.----.---------.----.----December 5th, 2012 - AV Club xword - Brendan Emmett Quigley, edited by Ben TausigBrendan Emmett QuigleyNuke deliverer"Behold" or "arise" in poetry"Skyfall" starBullshitDodge work"Radio Friendly ___ Shifter" (Nirvana)World Toilet Day org.Celebrity chef MatsuhisaHe played Gandolfini's sonRide at a standBig Mac alternative, every so oftenBones's bridgemateBeer, often"Oysters ___ season"Tattoo artist's needlefulProp room neckpieceLas Vegas resort with a musical name"Treme" town, for shortBeast with a prominent hornGround zero on Black FridayBeast with two prominent hornsInstant coffee brandLike someone butting in about unlikely but necessary hypotheticals?They come with a Happy MealDecidesRom-com, e.g.The Pet Shop Boys' politely named debut albumSadat who signed a peace treaty with Israel (sigh)Black Panther BobbyTook a wrong turn, sayVanna White, in her day?Only black child in "South Park"Computer built under the code name "Project PX"Kirsten of "Melancholia"Shot from behind the arc"___ racist!"Natural fenceMr. Mojo ____ (anagrammatic nickname of Jim Morrison)ChallengeCommon video game milieuPeople of will?BloodDevice for losers?"This is Spinal Tap," e.g.Wii U and othersCampaign purchasesAreas belonging to no countrySearch for the perfect wave, sayRead (over)Where the office meets the bar?Mozart opera, familiarlyEnrolleeLike many a college grad, nowadays___ Skip DayRespectful refusal"OK, let's see what's in your hand""Dancing with the Stars" routineKathie Lee's intellectual passion?Mumford & Sons styleAward won by the play "4000 Miles"Roll in the hayTool used by phishersBeantown hubIt greatly improves Animal Collective records"Sneaky little bugger"Oxford American Dictionary's 2012 word of the year, and the key to this puzzle's themeIt may be blown onstageSpelunker's need"Lord of the Rings" setting, with "the"One may be in a castExile islandServeRetainedBig name in basketball magazines