eACROSS&DOWNKdXO'*1.3125 17 PBFFS.PRESS.STABRIOT.REECE.IOTAESCAPEPLAN.CHAIWHINNY..RACIEST...LISA.ATHLETECOVEN.CAB.AILEDNAME.MLK.ALA...NRA.LOUISCK.DJS...DEW.RNA.BEAUGOREN.MAA.KANYEARIADNE.POOH...WADDLED..STROLLKNEE.HULLABALOOEGON.ISAAK.IAGOREND.SAMBA.NYET----.-----.--------.-----.--------------.----------..-------...----.------------.---.---------.---.---...---.-------.---...---.---.---------.---.------------.----...-------..----------.--------------.-----.--------.-----.----January 25, 2017 - "Of the Free World" - Ben TausigBen TausigSoul mates, brieflySteep, sayWhat separates a pescatarian's diet from a vegetarian'sCenters of attentionDoctor Doom's co-creatorGroup that reveals the truth by covering the stuff in this puzzle's circles, which you might also cover to reveal a true description of a public figureVictimizes, with "on"Crossfit unitFifty-million-year-old swimmerSacred Egyptian beetleFrench legislative bodyUse a shivLargest island in the mar MediterraneoHow a dog might be broughtJust one small biteTempted into an argument"The language of the unheard," per 33-AcrossVolleyball star GabrielleSpeckStallone/Schwarzenegger film about busting out of prison1957 Nabokov novelSpiced tea often made with milkStable soundShowing the most skinPlayground art mediumSimpson sibling who solves crosswordsOrg. that received $15 million in donations in November 2016 (compared to $28,000 in November 2012)One paid to play, sayWiccan groupChannel recently derided as "fake" (just before a Breitbart reporter was called on)Stick in the waterBest New Artist or Best Choreography, for shortUber alternativeBreakthrough 1988 anime filmLooked green, perhapsRat outJanuary holiday initialsCut, as grassIn the manner ofHealth statute based on a Heritage Foundation proposal: Abbr.Gp. that supports guns in elementary schoolsComedian who described parenting as "like 'Platoon'"Three-time U.S. Open winner IvanVideo, on a popular messaging appParty mixers?Place of thieves or sinDuplass of "Transparent"What a dictator might threaten to do to a journalistic organ that grows too criticalA.M. moistureLike a lousy job, perhapsSite of nucleotide chainsSweetheartMiddle Eastern kingdom where journalists are often prosecuted by the government"Law & Order" detective RobertMedia company destroyed in a case financed by RNC speaker Peter ThielLike the thin skin of someone who might think this puzzle's revealed description refers to himMount, as a motorcycleGoat wordMonster with wild hair"The Agony of Being a ___ West Fan in 2016": Very Smart Brothers headlineHoda on "The Today Show"Goddess who oversaw the Minotaur's labyrinthClassic fruit-flavored sodasHoney-obsessed toonWhere Sharp Electronics is basedMoved like a penguinAimless walkProcter & Gamble skin care brandLuxury boxMoney, in slangPatellar reflex test spotRowOn the ___Section in many a science classGhostbusting SpenglerCrooner Chris with "Wicked Game"Fear-driven, egotistical villain who says openly sexist and prejudiced thingsDivide dramaticallyBrazilian ballroom dancePutin's response to "Is it OK if we fight Assad, continue sanctions against Russia, or remain in NATO?"GEXT