Congratulations, you have solved the puzzle!October 11, 2022 - "Fruit Salad" - Madeline Kaplan, edited by Chris PiumaMadeline Kaplancf222c36-cb5a-4f05-8837-b543bd8d4b20c81509f85a0e46894b011c53fd17a766© 20222022-10-09-10crosswordAcrossBlackberry, e.g."For the Fruit of All Creation" singers, oftenTrudged"Hit 'Em Up Style (Oops!)" singer CantrellFig tree habitatStoopPlumPineapple upside-downs, e.g.Zucchini starterGreek goddess to whom I dedicate this puzzleLaughs loudlyMango's TV showDownLime-garnished noodle soupKiwi relativeBig "Sex and the City" rival?LemonReaches a new dimension?BegApple-compatible device?"Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit" broadcasterDatePractical presentations"Tangerine" director BakerMTV countdown series