Congratulations, you have solved the puzzle!September 27, 2022 - "Worry, Darling" - May Huang, edited by Brooke HusicMay Huang4433e40d-f27f-45cb-8f3a-4f485319c6e9f2a31dd73ac9f136e693f93bbf730728© 20222022-09-24-10crosswordAcrossPrint maker?Range above baritone"Bummer!""Donnie Darko" actor JenaNeck line?Styles whose "Don't Worry Darling" performance pales in comparison to 1-Down's, per reviewersShe's part of the fam___ 16 (software version that lets you edit iMessages)Opposite/hypotenuseSports drink with a blue and white logo___-B (toothbrush brand)Vegetable that sounds like its first letterSleep stage that accounts for 20% my of sleep time, per my FitbitCantopop singer MuiHearty slow cooker dishRains ice pellets"Taylor Swift Is Deep In Her Edgy Disco ___" (Vogue headline)Opera singer SimonConstructor of this puzzle (who is glued to the "Don't Worry, Darling" drama)Down"Don't Worry Darling" star Florence who was spotted in Venice with an Aperol spritz during a Venice Film Festival panel she couldn't attend due to "scheduling issues"___ frescaSound from a fanTaint, as a reputationPointy-eared creature in "The Rings of Power"Neither's partnerAnimal costume, oftenPart of the eye that converts light into electrical signals"Not to be confused with ___ of Kingstown" (disclaimer on the "Mare of Easttown" Wikipedia page)Common event in "She-Hulk: Attorney at Law"Site of some behind-the-scenes dramaEnjoy slowly, as a macchiatoBirds that form the shape of a heart when touching heads___ favor (please, in Spanish)"I'm warning you!"Animals that store fat in their humpsZips, as a ZiplocPair of tabloids?Byte prefixSlack status optionTightrope walker's protectionTop choice?"___ corn, a big lump with knobs" (lyric from a viral TikTok song)