Congratulations, you have solved the puzzle!March 14, 2022 - "Because it's my puzzle and not yours" - Rafael Musa, edited by Enrique Henestroza Anguiano - 3/5Rafael Musa2291b401-ad6b-4617-b71f-72b4c6a608ff483120451c089b324ae48c0261993eac© 20222022-03-12-10crosswordAcrossReasonableAgogô or erhu outputWord before point or armorBrazil : churrasco :: Argentina : ___"So... you're in?"Garments for CiceroAnimal that an ailurophile lovesWeb series "where we talk about whatever we want because it's our show and not yours," per hosts Katya and Trixie MattelHawaiian paste made from kaloSchool sites?"Wouldn't miss it for the world!"Oxford instructor*nods*Fluctuates wildlyGentle and submissiveDownLube, in a pinchTooDeclaration at the end of a successful case in Phoenix Wright: Ace AttorneyHunt in an action movieGymnastics surfaceAthing Mu's Olympic team"Smile!""bad ___!" (girl in red song)Barrier to naturalization for some immigrantsKetchum hoping to catch 'em allGender-affirming optionWords in some email signaturesFeel for"So You Want to Talk About Race" author IjeomaLike all public transport in LuxembourgLook for___'d up (in a relationship)Stumbles for speak___