The American Values Club : xword

      : 2013 : bonus xword #1 : Skinema



The challenge was to create a pornified pun on any Best Picture winner from any year in history, or from this year's list of nominees.

And the nominees were...

1941 Best Porn winner starring Walter Friggin and Whorequeen O'Hara: HOW CREAMED WAS MY VALLEY

1970 Best Porn winner starring George C. Twat?: PETTIN'

[1977 Best Porn winner from "Woody" Allen featuring an extremely accommodating Diane Keaton] ANY HOLE

1989 Best Porn winner, an interracial May-December romance starring Jessica Candy and Organ Freeman?: DRILLING MISS DAISY

2009 Best Porn nominee concerning repercussion of rear entry, with a narration by Samu-anaL. Jackson?: AND GLORIA'S ASS HURTS

Bone-Hur ( 1959 Best Film with Charlton Heston )

Forrest Hump

Glad He Ate Her

Schindler's Fist

Vulva Linings Playbook